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Traditional Art Week is coming in June/July at projecteducate

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Traditional Art
Heya! my lovely deviants and watchers! I'm back with another article to present to you! This time it is about sketches.

We all make sketches that we love of fantasies, fan art, or portraits. But, while drawing, if we reach a certain point and then make a mistake, our sketch is destroyed forever! (Unless you have a personal time machine and you go back in time to tell yourself not to make that mistake again Bucktooth) So, until scientists invent the time machine, I will present and discuss three very common mistakes that we all make and how to prevent their occurrence. 

This is what we will cover:

  • Introduction
  • Mistakes and Prevention Steps
  • A Word of Thanks!


As I said in the beginning, the examples given below are the equivalent of catastrophic events to artists who sketch! Our whole project/artwork can be ruined by the occurrence of these mistakes happening in our lives. Most of these catastrophes occur when we are working with charcoal or graphite pencils or even ball/gel pens. Therefore, in order to prevent them from happening, we need to be careful with our actions and the material around us. Let us begin!

Mistakes and Prevention Steps

The first mistake we make while sketching is using the wrong type of PENCIL for our purpose. For example, you are making the scenery below, are about to finish it, and you're working in haste. You need to shade the clouds with the light B or 2B pencil and instead of that, you pick the the 6B pencil and unknowingly, make the shades with it!!!! Now instead of a soft, awesome background of sky, you get to see crap with lovely plants!

Therefore, mistake No. 1 is 
Fwd:-4 by Tudalia
-1 by Tudalia
-2 by Tudalia
-1 by Tudalia
-2 by Tudalia

The result of this horrible event is that when you try to sort things by yourself and erase the graphite, the gross graphite marks still exist on the paper. When you shade over those marks, they become even worse and harm the overall presentation! A good precaution to take is to have the pencils arranged by their No. and their type... Not just spread all over your workspace. Or you could put strips of different colors on the bottoms of the pencils to remember their type.

A second mistake is when we try to shade with graphite without a spare paper or cloth beneath our arms and the graphite below our arms smudges all over ourselves and causes dual damage... Ruined artwork AND ruined arms!

Therefore, mistake No. 2 is 
Fwd:-7 by Tudalia

Fwd:-2 by Tudalia

Fwd:-5 by Tudalia

Fwd:-3 by Tudalia

Fwd:-1 by Tudalia
Fwd:-6 by Tudalia
The result of this is that your graphite drawing lies in a debris pile of dull, ugly graphite smog!

(yep I remember this too!)

The prevention can be achieved by using a spare cloth or a sheet of plastic wrap (because graphite doesn't stick to plastic!). This won't allow your graphite to stick to your arms and get smudged! Hence, we protected the drawing!

Now that we have protected the drawing, the next mistake that can happen is when we are storing our sketches, either we store this graphite sketch directly with our other pieces or put it in a folder without using a FIXATIVE SPRAY! Fixative sprays are used for making the graphite settle on the paper so that it doesn't get smudged off. The alternative is a hair spray, but it can be a stinky job too!

The resultant disaster taking place is if you keep it with all your other drawings stacked with it, then the graphite will start to get stuck on your other drawings, which might harm them a lot! And if you keep them in a folder, they will get stuck on it and make the piece dirty. Then if you remove that drawing and keep another one in place of it, the graphite will stick to this one too!
Untitled Drawing by Tudalia
Untitled Drawing by Tudalia

The prevention is to use a fixative spray for this job, laminate your graphite works, or keep your drawings separate from your other artworks!

A Word Of Thanks

I thank all of you, my friends, the editors, the advisers, and all the other staff people for helping me out in creating this article! If you hadn't been there, this article wouldn't have been a successful one! KEEP BEING AWESOME! I hope you all liked my article !

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